Sunday, April 2, 2017

Point of View in a Story & of a Character ~ Middle and High School Focus

I have been working on our High School Reading Essentials 2 class and one of the focus areas digs deeper into fictional text.  The first book that we are reading is a brand new collection of stories titled, Flying Lessons and Other Stories edited by Ellen Oh. (Lexile is around 800 for this collection.) What I really like about this book is the rich language and gritty stories that aren't sugar coated and present a cultural context that many of our students may not be exposed to.  These short stories are written by some of the finest authors I have read.

We are going to start reading the very last story in this book first:  Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push by Walter Dean Meyers.

Our first week's focus is on Point of View, not only by the narrator but OF the characters as well.  We will be discussing first person, second person and third person point of view.  The rich discussion as we proceed through this book will be about the point of view of each character and WHY the characters feel the way they do.  I can't wait to see what students think of this book!

Below are the posters that we will be using to guide dialogue.

Our students are required to submit two think marks each week.  We will build on selections as we go.  The think marks this quarter will focus on digging deeper into literary devices.

We always pull in connecting with the text and citing evidence.  "ICE" your writing is my favorite reminder.

Really nice 9 minute review:

If you are interested in purchasing the posters, click the link below.