Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ray Bradbury ~ A Sound of Thunder

This week (week 8) our new High School Reading Essentials course is reading A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and starting their third class novel, which is also a Science Fiction read, The Eye of Minds by James Dames Dashner.  Science Fiction is my favorite genre to read so I take extra glee in "geeking out" this week!

(Last week we read Thank You Ma'am by Langston Hughes.  The previous weeks were focused on each style of nonfiction text structure and corresponding writing.  The Sound of Thuder also does a very nice job of bringing back cause and effect text structure in a fictional context.)

I created elements of a science fiction posters for class.  Kids can put post-it notes up when they read an example of each element. (They are a little cute for High School, but I sometimes think High School could use a little color on the walls.)

The breakdown of this course is as follows:
30 minutes literature reading with thinking marks and discussion
15 minutes root or grammar study
40 minutes text structure and applied writing

Below are a few resources that I have used.  I made the science fiction posters.  Our word study is from Ladybug's Teacher file.  

I LOVE this introduction to Ray Bradbury.  We are going to stop and discuss his quotes because this short clip is FILLED with good advice.

Introducing Science Fiction as a Genre: This is EXCELLENT!

The video we are using to introduce The Sound of Thunder:  (This movie is over an hour long.  We are going to watch the older 30 minute version in class.  That said, this trailer is a great hook!)

We are going to use an anticipation guide at the beginning of the story and at the end of the story so that we have a purpose for reading.

Here are additional focus areas we will address as we read this short story:
(Anchor chart below)

 We will wrap up the week by visiting our cause and effect text structure and our anticipation guide to discuss if any of our ideas have changed.  There is a lot more planned including watching the movie, but this is an excellent start.

My text structure posters are directly pulled from the Wisconsin DPI document.  I took the information and made it "pretty."

Happy Science Fiction week!


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