Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Text Tours ~ Frontloading in the Content Area Classroom

Tomorrow, I will be starting a book study with eight teachers focusing on the book, Subjects Matter by Harvey Daniels.  We are reading chapters 1-3 and discussing key foundations for integrating disciplinary literacy into all content areas.  After our discussion, I have planned to share three BIG frontloading strategies that help students pay attention to WHERE you want to focus their learning when given a specific text to read.  The first frontloading strategy is called a text tour, which is a streamlined chapter tour.

I have created this text tour anchor chart with an easy acronym to help students remember the process. Students are given a text selection and a recording sheet, and instructed to take 5-10 minutes to preview the text selection discussing the following areas:

  • Tell about the pictures and graphics.
  • Observe and consider captions and headings.
  • Use text questions to think bout the big idea(s) for this text.
  • Read the first and last paragraphs.  What did you learn?
Below is the graphic organizer that students use to record their ideas.  After 5-10 minutes, elicit group ideas and record on your large anchor chart.  NOW you can connect objectives and additional strategies to present new information.

Anchor chart graphics are below:

I am super excited to share this powerful strategy with these secondary teachers!


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