Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Using The Reading Strategies Book with First Grade WIN (What I Need) Groups

One of my favorite responsibilities as a Reading Specialist is observing and coaching all grade levels.  This year, I started with differentiated WIN (What I Need) literacy groups.  We have a 40-45 minute block daily that changes quarterly depending on student needs in English Language Arts areas.  This block of time is based on student Fountas and Pinnell levels, Words Their Way levels and metacognitive needs. Teachers are asked to use the three areas of intervention flowchart to target anchor charts and strategies from The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo.  I purchased one copy of this text for EVERY teacher at our elementary school and ALL ELA teachers at our middle school.  I truly believe in the strategies and foundation of literacy in this book.

{LINK} to flowchart

I asked teachers to create a visual template, one page only for the 8 weeks that they are teaching.  If you read through these lesson plans, all three teachers are targeting word study utilizing Words Their Way.  Fluency at this level either targets sight words or paying attention to sentence endings/prosody.  Comprehension skills range from utilizing what word repeats to Look and Think all the way to writing a basic somebody-wanted-but-so-then paragraph.

Our lowest students receive  hybrid Reading Mastery and LLI instruction.  Borderline kids receive Leveled Literacy Instruction as well.  Our higher students may receive instruction using LLI odd books only or utilize tradebooks depending on student needs.  At the beginning of the year, teachers usually pick Leveled Literacy Intervention because all students need a little more structure.

Teachers USE these anchor based on The Reading Strategies Book charts daily.  Kids practice daily.  Kids read books at their level to develop stamina daily.  Teachers conference with students daily.

This is teaching at its finest!

Happy teaching!


  1. Fantastic! This is teaching at its finest. Nice work. Is this for small group or whole group instruction?

    1. These plans are used for our grade level differentiated WIN time. This is in addition to our universal English Language Arts instruction. Thanks for the positive comments. I will tell our team! Theresa