Monday, October 3, 2016

Close Reading and Parallel Annotation with Middle and High School Students

This school year, one of my goals is to work with Middle and High School teachers to develop their strategy file for student comprehension of text.  Heinemann Publishing has a Comprehension Toolkit that includes an incredibly useful text for professional development on disciplinary literacy titled, Content Literacy (Intermediate) Lessons and Texts for Comprehension Across the Curriculum by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis.

I will be using five of these strategies outlining professional development for grades 8-12 this year. The first strategy includes parallel annotation that is clearly outlined in the book.  I have chosen to add close reading in conjunction with this strategy because it will make it that much more effective across the curricular areas. Below are the anchor chart process poster that I created for teachers.

 I absolutely love the idea of marking your thinking on one side of an article or text and marking you reactions and comments on the other side.  This is such an easy organizational system to engage readers!

Here we are as middle and high school teachers learning this strategy.  We have a beautiful, progressive team of teachers working together!

I highly recommend this book for your professional library and for use with professional development in disciplinary literacy.  I purchased 15 copies and expect that I will need more!

Happy reading!


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