Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ten Little Dinosaurs ~ Antonyms, Rhyme and Early Literacy Activities

We are super excited to be reading about dinosaurs this coming week!  To focus on Concept of Word, I pulled in the traditional Ten Little Dinosaurs rhyme and "spiced it up" by adding the antonym, "big" instead of counting backwards.  This will allow me to focus on antonyms and more targeted vocabulary development as we progress this week.  Check out all of the universal and small group instruction activities that will be happening!

Concept of Word Pocket Chart Poem:  We use the dots for print matching to develop Concept of Word.

 Notice that I rewrote this poem to include the antonym, "big" to better target vocabulary development and extension.

 Sight words for your pocket chart... I added tens frames to help students with self-checking.

 Play-Doh mats with the same tens frames.  I like to use Wiki Sticks for this type of activity as well!

 Ready for some vocabulary enrichment?  These cards can be used in your pocket chart, to play Concentration or even Go Fish!

Need a quick literacy station? This is an antonym wheel where students match the correct "opposite" that has been glue "dotted" to a clothespin.  

If you haven't heard the traditional Ten Little Dinosaurs rhyme, check it out below.

Happy Teaching this week!


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