Friday, January 22, 2016

Sn Blends ~ Snowflake Rhyme and Activities for 4K, Speech and Language and Kindergarten Intervention Groups

Many students in our Kindergarten intervention group have significant speech and language issues as well.  It makes sense to target these areas as we develop phonemic awareness.

It is also best practice to keep activities engaging!  We have two Kindergarten groups with four students in each group for 25 minutes daily each.  They love these activities!

The poem is presented two ways. The first is in a written poem format.  

Concept of Word and print matching is crucial.  Kids have to touch each dot as they say the poem to practice this skill.
 Practice onset and rime using the snowflake cut-outs.  Students place one snowflake below the word for the "sn" blend and one snowflake for the rime pattern.
 Sprinkle in a little number identification using tens frames. For students who struggle greatly, use the snowflake manipulatives to help with one-to-one correspondence.

Dice games are amazing.  Roll the dice and whatever word matches has a marker placed over the top.  (We use sparkly pom-poms for this activity.) You will practice "sn" blends 18 times before you finish these  games!  These same games are also in my snowman rhyme pack.

Here are few darling books to integrate into this unit:

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