Sunday, January 24, 2016

Groundhog Day Rhyme and Activities for SLP, Early Intervention, Special Education & 4K

Our beautiful Kindergarten kids are on fire with their phonemic awareness.  I made a special craftivity for them next week.  Concept of Word, onset and rime, letter and sound identification and overall confidence of these kids is soaring!

I planned ahead for next week and we will be spending time with I'm A Little Groundhog rhyme & song.  Activities include:

  1. Concept of Word
  2. "gr" word cards
  3. Groundhog craftivity
  4. (2) gr blend roll and cover blending and segmenting games
  5. (2) - op roll the dice and segment/blend words game boards

I am really excited to surprise our kids next week!

Here are some cute books to add to your collection:


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