Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Chubby Little Snowman Rhyme: Concept of Word, Phonemic Awarness, Early Literacy and Speech & Language Activities

Happy New Year!

We are back to work tomorrow and like every other teacher, I am cramming to be ready for beautiful students tomorrow.  The paraprofessional that works with me has two new phonemic awareness groups and I have oodles of great activities planned for her using The Chubby Little Snowman rhyme.

These activities include:
  • Concept of Word print matching
  • Substitution of initial sounds for words that end in long o
  • A dice  game for working with sn blends
  • An "I have, who has?" game for working with long ow word
As always, the best way to "cement" new skills is through engaging activities and I think these will motivate our early learners!

If you have never heard this rhyme, here you go!

Update:  We played Blizzard Blackout today with pom-poms.  They were a little too light, but the kids had fun.  I am going to get marshmallows and give them a try tomorrow for our "snow" pieces!

This is the PERFECT snowman book to go with this unit...totally darling! Check it out.


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