Sunday, November 8, 2015

Phonemic Awareness: Thanksgiving Time is Here!

This week's phonemic awareness activities revolve around the poem/song, Thanksgiving Time is Here.  This can be sung to the tune, "The Farmer in the Dell."  I am using this with my phonemic awareness intervention group, but it can easily be used in any Prekindergarten or Kindergarten classroom for whole group and/or differentiated instruction.

Here is what is included:
Thanksgiving Time is here poem/song.
Sentence Segmentation/C.O.W. (Concept of Word):
Practice touching the dot under each word when speaking or singing the poem.

Thanksgiving Syllable Word Sort:  This is a pocket chart sort using "current" Thanksgiving words, not historical words.  IE:  Pilgrim, Native Americans, etc. are not used.  Words like family, harvest, football and traveling ARE used.

Syllable Clothespin Game:  This activity was made for literacy centers, partner or individual practice.

"Th" Word Cards:  These were created for whole group or small group auditory patterning of the initial digraph "th" as in Thanksgiving.

"Th" Puzzles:  These puzzles were created for partner or individual practice of initial "th" words.

Everything is print ready ~ laminate, cut and go!

Here are a few darling books to complete your Thanksgiving instruction:

Happy Thanksgiving!


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