Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm a Little Pine Tree ~ Christmas Rhyme and Activities

I am trying to get a little ahead with my phonemic awareness group. Most students who need a boost in this area also need their language & vocabulary targeted.  I decided to try out a shades of meaning for the word little with this group.  We will see how it goes!

I focused on three main activities with this unit.  I always start with Concept of Word (C.O.W.) where students print match with sentence segmentation.  There is way too much research on the need for students to master this concept as a foundational skill to ever leave this out.

The second activity that I created was a substitution activity with words that end like tree:  LONG E.  I always say, "Take off the ___ and put on a ___."  Then I sound out the new word in onset and rime with the students.  IE:  s-ee, SEE!

Finally, I am noticing that this particular group needs their overall vocabulary built up so I incorporated a shades of meaning activity for the word little.  I expect that this will be confusing for a while, but we will practice it many times.  I have 8 words selected for this activity.  Preview is below.

Incorporating a book into any activity to make a strong literacy connection is crucial.  Here are a few books that I have selected.




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