Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco ~ Lexile 630 ~ Grades 3 & 4

My youngest son and I are obsessed with Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco.  If you have not yet read any of her books, this is the perfect starting place!  It is filled with a positive message about overcoming your fears with themes of bravery and perseverance.  This book contains oodles of strong figurative language and has easy to follow sequencing for story structure.  The story is just plain fun as well!  Buy this  book as it is a classic to keep forever.

I created a unit for my son and our third grade team to work on noticing author's message, character change and the strong figurative language in this book.  I also threw in commas in a series and close reading because both are skills we can always utilize, and they fit perfectly into the sequence of story structure as well as baking a cake.  Head on over to TPT if you are interested in this!

Happy Reading!