Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Annotating Nonfiction Texts

Our AMAZING elementary school has a 30 minute WIN (What I Need) block of time for differentiated instruction with skills. The next focus area with differentiated levels of texts is on nonfiction.  Our fourth grade team discussed that they needed new think marks for annotating nonfiction texts and that these should be different than fiction.  In each classroom, students have chosen a nonfiction text at their instructional level for literature circle reading and discussion.

 We decided that three areas would be focused on over the next four weeks:

1.  Text Structure
2.  Text Features
3.  Connections

I made a simple anchor chart with key ideas for teachers with a corresponding chart for student interactive notebooks.  See below.

We downloaded the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction explanation for text features and text structure to elaborate on each area. These are the BEST explanation and elaboration on each of these areas that I have seen.  These were shrunk to notebook size and placed in student interactive notebooks for reference during literature circles as well.

 {LINK} for Text Structure explanation

{LINK} for Text Features explanation

Students will be given on large piece of anchor chart paper and a pack of notebooks.  Each day, students pick one area to focus on, write it on their Post-It note and place this on their anchor chart to utilize as a springboard for discussion.

OF COURSE this process ALWAYS starts with teacher modeling!


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