Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Tale of Despereaux ~ Week 1 ~ Anchor Charts and Text Structure

The students are IN LOVE with The Tale of Despereaux.  Here's how our team organized our teaching:

The first anchor chart that we reference daily is understanding characters.  Students need to be able to clearly understand a character's thoughts, actions, motivations, feelings & emotions, words and traits in order to understand cause and effect text structure.

Our second main anchor chart is cause and effect as stated above.  We chose two sentence starters to practice through writing that was most developmentally appropriate for fourth grade.

This one is Mark's and I told him that I would mention his AMAZINGLY cute anchor chart directly in my blog today.  Go Mark!  Go team! (Who REALLY made it for him??!!)

 The final anchor chart is from the beginning of the book.  Despereaux is divided into four parts.  In order for students to understand connections within each part and to understand that all four parts make a complete story, we are referencing this chart at the end of each section to pull in the main ideas.

I am mighty happy with how the journal turned out for students to organize their work.  Some of our teachers used file folders and others used construction paper.  The key is that students have the SAME information that is on the anchor charts as reference tools.  I took pictures of how these were put together.

 We stapled the character pages together.  Each of the main characters has an area where teachers and students record a character's thoughts, actions, motivations, feelings & emotions, words and traits.  We complete this whole group so WE scaffold their thinking.

The back side has elements of a fantasy story. Periodically, we stop the story and ask how The Tale of Despereaux contains these elements.

The final picture shows the loose pages.  You see our cause and effect organizer for students to record ideas.  We just paper clip these together and have students store inside of the folders ~ nice and tidy!

When I finish the unit, I will post it to TPT.

Happy Reading!


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