Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau ~ Lexile 680

Right now I have the best job EVER!  My most favorite part of my job, other than working directly with kids, is writing curriculum.  I am blessed to work in a district that values quality literature and strong writing skills, so we write our curriculum based on research-based BEST PRACTICES!

As a Reading Specialist, I live in many worlds.  Right now, my worlds are:

  1.  A Castle ~ The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
  2. On top of Mt. Everest ~ Peak by Roland Smith
  3. In the town of Manifest during the Great Depression ~ Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool
  4. Today, my newest world is in the city of Ember well below the ground where the lights are growing dim.  

Jeanne DuPrau is the author of this book.  Click {HERE} for her website.  I don't think there could be a  better lead for this book than the book synopsis below.

Book synopsis from DuPrau's site:
The lights shine in the city of Ember-but at the city limits the light ends, and darkness takes over.  Out therein the Unknown Regions, the darkness goes on forever in all directions.  Ember - so its people believe - is the only light in the dark world.  And now the lights are going out."

 Our fifth grade students are going to LOVE this book.  I have posted the anchor charts and key integrated comprehension & writing strategies that we will focus on.  This book unit starts in one week.  

Based on our "I Can" statements, I decided that using Think Marks would be the best format for this unit.  We will only use Think Marks related to the statements for this book.  We are also reading several more texts this year and I plan to extend the Think Marks throughout those books.  Below is the interactive journal and corresponding anchor chart to start the unit.  Each of the 4 areas will be expanded with an additional anchor chart outlining more ideas.

The fabulous clip-art that I used came from Teachers Pay Teachers and it was FREE!
Click {HERE} for the direct link to Science in a Box for this clip-art.


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