Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Annotating With First Grade ~ Animal Tracks by Arthur Dorros ~ Lexile 540

Part of my job as a Reading Specialist is to work with high flier students.  Today, I worked with first graders, who are reading Animal Tracks by Arthur Doros.  We paid special attention to the raccoon in this story because I knew that we were going to annotate a Nonfiction paragraph after reading.

Because this book is filled with woodland animals, I found several nonfiction articles to expand these kids' vocabulary base.  We circled words that were "juicy" and wrote their definitions or a synonym in the margins.  We then underlined interesting facts that were new to us.  I modeled annotating while the students annotated in their notebooks.

This was a fabulous, engaging introduction to annotating that was developmentally appropriate and engaging.

To find the close reading articles that we are using, click {HERE}.


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