Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm a Little Pine Tree ~ Christmas Rhyme and Activities

I am trying to get a little ahead with my phonemic awareness group. Most students who need a boost in this area also need their language & vocabulary targeted.  I decided to try out a shades of meaning for the word little with this group.  We will see how it goes!

I focused on three main activities with this unit.  I always start with Concept of Word (C.O.W.) where students print match with sentence segmentation.  There is way too much research on the need for students to master this concept as a foundational skill to ever leave this out.

The second activity that I created was a substitution activity with words that end like tree:  LONG E.  I always say, "Take off the ___ and put on a ___."  Then I sound out the new word in onset and rime with the students.  IE:  s-ee, SEE!

Finally, I am noticing that this particular group needs their overall vocabulary built up so I incorporated a shades of meaning activity for the word little.  I expect that this will be confusing for a while, but we will practice it many times.  I have 8 words selected for this activity.  Preview is below.

Incorporating a book into any activity to make a strong literacy connection is crucial.  Here are a few books that I have selected.



Sunday, November 8, 2015

Phonemic Awareness: Thanksgiving Time is Here!

This week's phonemic awareness activities revolve around the poem/song, Thanksgiving Time is Here.  This can be sung to the tune, "The Farmer in the Dell."  I am using this with my phonemic awareness intervention group, but it can easily be used in any Prekindergarten or Kindergarten classroom for whole group and/or differentiated instruction.

Here is what is included:
Thanksgiving Time is here poem/song.
Sentence Segmentation/C.O.W. (Concept of Word):
Practice touching the dot under each word when speaking or singing the poem.

Thanksgiving Syllable Word Sort:  This is a pocket chart sort using "current" Thanksgiving words, not historical words.  IE:  Pilgrim, Native Americans, etc. are not used.  Words like family, harvest, football and traveling ARE used.

Syllable Clothespin Game:  This activity was made for literacy centers, partner or individual practice.

"Th" Word Cards:  These were created for whole group or small group auditory patterning of the initial digraph "th" as in Thanksgiving.

"Th" Puzzles:  These puzzles were created for partner or individual practice of initial "th" words.

Everything is print ready ~ laminate, cut and go!

Here are a few darling books to complete your Thanksgiving instruction:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Phonemic Awareness Intervention Activities

Part of my job as a Reading Specialist is to support early intervention. Students entering Kindergarten who screen as "at risk" in the area of Phonemic Awareness on the Wisconsin PALS test are targeted through small group instruction either in the classroom or with small pull-out groups.

One of my favorite resources to use is by Michael Heggerty, PhD.  These materials are published by Literacy Resources, Inc. There are three levels of Phonemic Awareness intervention ~ PreKindergarten, Kindergarten and Primary levels.  

Each page has a week of Phonemic Awareness activities with several areas addressed daily including: rhyming, onset and rime, sentence segmentation, phoneme isolation, compound words, substitution and deletion and blending and segmenting. 

 Weekly nursery rhymes are a focus in kindergarten with a place in the teacher's manual to write in the rhyme of your choice.  The supplemental materials that I have started creating are manipulatives or hands-on resources to expand the poems a bit.

With the poems and activities that I create and the Heggerty lesson plans, it takes about 20 minutes daily to review these skills with a small group. I highly recommend Heggerty Phonemic Awareness materials!

This coming week, our poem is Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Sing along with these versions:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Compound Words ~ Look and Write Fall Version ~ Dollar Deal!

My son LOVED the contraction words look and find activity and BEGGED me to make one with compound words so here is the result!

This is and will always be a dollar deal in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Hop on over!

A few of my favorite books that showcase compound words can be found below.

Happy teaching!