Monday, May 5, 2014

The Pond Ecosystem Grades K-2

I am super excited to share the new lapbook that I made for our Kindergarten teachers this past week! They are studying the pond ecosystem, which is part of our K-2 Next Generation Science Standards. There are many fabulous books that are fiction and focus on ponds and pond animals, but we were a little lost in finding nonfiction, so I wrote short close reading passages focusing on six common pond animals/creatures and created a lapbook to go along with the reading. 

Along with this nonfiction focus, we will be reading the three fiction books below.  (I have some neat activities to go with the fiction portion of these books coming soon...)

Lapbook sample:

There are some really neat resources on-line.  I have listed a bunch of my favorites below:

Hilarious Video:

Habitat Song:

Dragonfly Video:

Magic School Bus Gets Swamped: 22 minutes Link:

National Geographic:

Dragonfly song:

If you are interested in the unit through Teachers Pay Teachers, click the picture below.  I have added a few previews as well.

Happy Reading!


  1. WOW ! What a great comprehensive unit! It (almost) makes me want to be a Kindergarten teacher! Thanks for sharing!