Friday, April 4, 2014

Solar System ~ Favorite Books and Interactive Flap Book

Solar System, here we come!

Our third grade team is orbiting the solar system and have incorporated the most fabulous books into their curriculum.  Here are my recommendations.  We have an anchor text that is revisited daily and additional instructional texts to read to students for additional ideas and discussion.

For Studying the Earth, Day and Night~
Our anchor text  for week 1 is Planet Earth.

Moving on to the Moon~
The anchor text for week 2 is If You Decide to Go to the Moon.

Spectacular Solar System Selections~
The anchor text for week 2 is Discover  More:  Planets.

It is time for students to firm up the difference between fact and opinion so this is the main focus for these three weeks.  We use an anchor chart to point out key differences in fact and opinion statements.  In addition, students are making flip-flap books focusing on their opinion of each planet and facts to support their opinions.  This is interactive and open-ended for students to practice these skills!

 Below are 2 anchor charts that our third grade teachers made.  

Here is an amazing bulletin board that one of our teachers made utilizing the power standards from this unit, the Solar System Vocabulary header and a few cute graphics.  (Word cards on the red sheet are not in this unit.)

I have put the anchor chart headers, I can statements and labels for the solar system flap book on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click the link below to  check it out!

Preview Below:

Happy Teaching!


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