Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Government Lapbook ~ Grades 3 & 4

Our Third Grade Government unit is off to an amazing start!  I am thrilled with the rich literature that teachers will be sharing with students over the next four weeks! 

 As part of this learning, I created a three part lapbook for students to celebrate and "cement" their learning throughout the process.

Here is the breakdown of learning and objectives:
Week 1:  
Our focus is in the Preamble and learning about our founding documents.  We are celebrating with the following books:

Week 2:  This week focuses on the branches of government an how a bill is passed.  Our favorite books this week are:

Week 3:   We are all about voting and picking a President to research! Our kids love Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio!

Week 4:  We finish this four week study on our government by creating Presidential portraits, writing bio poems about our special President and by reading Presidential Pets!  Our lapbooks will be presented to each other as part of our speaking and listening objectives.  Kids will memorize and recite the Preamble, and learn the song, This Land is Your Land!

This lapbook project with all of the foldables ready to print is posted at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click the link below.

Happy Reading!


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