Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Government Lapbook ~ Grades 3 & 4

Our Third Grade Government unit is off to an amazing start!  I am thrilled with the rich literature that teachers will be sharing with students over the next four weeks! 

 As part of this learning, I created a three part lapbook for students to celebrate and "cement" their learning throughout the process.

Here is the breakdown of learning and objectives:
Week 1:  
Our focus is in the Preamble and learning about our founding documents.  We are celebrating with the following books:

Week 2:  This week focuses on the branches of government an how a bill is passed.  Our favorite books this week are:

Week 3:   We are all about voting and picking a President to research! Our kids love Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio!

Week 4:  We finish this four week study on our government by creating Presidential portraits, writing bio poems about our special President and by reading Presidential Pets!  Our lapbooks will be presented to each other as part of our speaking and listening objectives.  Kids will memorize and recite the Preamble, and learn the song, This Land is Your Land!

This lapbook project with all of the foldables ready to print is posted at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click the link below.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

LOVE Writing Paper {Freebie!}

I am always looking for easy ways to get students writing fluently.  Below you will find two versions of "love" paper that could easily be incorporated into your February writing activities.

Version 1:  Students could write an acrostic poem or sentences using the letters in LOVE.

Version 2:  Students draw what they love and write a sentence or sentences explaining their drawing(s).

Click for this {Freebie}!

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I uploaded this to Teachers Pay Teachers as well.  Here is the {Link}.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Love You When... by Linda Kranz ~ Coordinating Conjunctions

I have been slightly obsessed with Linda Kranz's book, Love You When...
It is beautifully written with lines like,

"I love you when shooting stars appear bright and steady, and we watch them sparkle as they fall to decorate the sky."

Each page is filled with I love you statements, and the last page says, "You mean the world to me." 

Did I say I love this book?  I love this book.  It is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone you love... 

Our fourth grade students are studying Coordinating Conjunctions.  As this book is filled over and over again with {, and} as a conjunction, it is the perfect springboard to practice when to use a comma before the word and and when NOT to use a comma before the word and.

I rewrote several of the pages and placed them on hearts without punctuation.  Students will work in partners to determine if there is a coordinating conjunction and if they need to use a comma.  This is their exit ticket to their Valentine's Day gathering at school.  Perhaps it will be a springboard for your classroom or school as well.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Boggle Blends~Valentine Word Family Review Game and {Freebie!}

Students need to review blends and vowel patterns over and over again before the patterns are "cemented" for automaticity. 

 Over the month of February, our third grade teachers will be reviewing blends and common word families through playing Boggle.  Each beginning blend and word family is on its own Valentine cupcake. We will be focusing on one Aa patterns next week and the rest of the vowels in the following weeks.

For your students, simply choose the blends and vowel families that you wish to review each week, and make your own class Bogggle board.

Kids make words in small groups or partners, timed or not timed~your choice.  A recording sheet is included in this unit, but you could use plain paper with column grids just as easily.  This is a fun way to develop automaticity of patterns, while working in teams.

This Boggle Blends unit contains 24 blends and digraphs and 36 word family patterns. There is also a recording sheet for teams, partners or individuals to use.

Not included in the unit above, but worked just for third grade next week, is the recording sheet below for long Aa pattern families & the aw sound.  {Click} for this freebie!