Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interactive Classroom Walls

I believe strongly in the use of visual anchor charts that are displayed and referenced all year long.  These charts are MADE by teachers with students as part of instruction.  The teachers I work with also own this belief as evidenced by the amazing anchor charts in use as I walk through all of their classrooms.  

It is obvious that we are all Pinterest stalkers!  The neat thing about the interactive classroom walls is that each classroom has a word wall, word study, CAFE board and anchor charts that are used on a daily basis, which is best practices in action!

Here are a few pictures that I snapped in a second grade teacher's classroom last week.  I like that her anchor charts are cleanly displayed and easy for kids to use when reading and writing.

We borrowed the anchor chart idea from First Grade Wow: Windows on Wonder's blog, {Link Here}. We spiced it up to add book covers that are read throughout the year.  That way, teachers incorporate reviewing the elements of fiction and nonfiction texts all year.  

Another amazing example of fabulous teaching!


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