Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Clothespin Clippers ~ Plural and Possessive Nouns ~ Interactive Activities

Our second grade team is looking for an interactive way to "cement" the understanding of plural and possessive nouns.  I created clothespin clippers.  Students are given several circles.  Each circle has one plural or possessive rule written on it.  As the teacher explains a rule, students clip it to their clothespins.  As learning progresses, the teacher then holds up a word and asks the students to clip the circle that has the correct plural or possessive rule on it.

In addition, I created several task cards to be laminated so students can practice writing singular and plural possessive nouns.  These task cards are pulled directly from the book, A House is a House for me by Mary Ann Hoberman.  I am thrilled with these interactive activities!

These interactive activities can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store under Trifecta Book Reviews.

A preview file is below.


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