Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Close Reading with Snowflake Bentley ~ Wow! Amazing!

Today I was absolutely thrilled when I was  invited to demonstrate close reading with a third grade class in our school.  Third grade students just finished reading Snowflake Bentley, so we used a quote by this famous inventor.

 We used the following format to process through our first session.  I modeled annotating  and writing thoughts in the margins and then students were given one close reading guide and one copy of a famous quote to practice in partners.  Mrs. A. and I walked around the room and guided students with circling interesting or powerful words, underlining words or parts they didn't understand and writing in the margins.  It was cute that they didn't want to write across the words on the pages, but got the hang of it quickly. 

 After practicing, we regrouped and made a class annotation. I would like to point out a few ideas.  The back slash is where I stopped modeling and students took over with their partners.  Notice that photograph is circled.  We have been working on roots and students were able to say that photo means picture and graph means on paper~Bonus!  Next, students used iPads to look up what exquisite means.  They underlined the words, "attend to" because they were old-fashioned language.  We had a little history lesson with understanding that the daily quarts of milk were delivered in glass bottles.  My FAVORITE notation made me tear up when someone underlined, "But I think I am giving them something which is just as important."  He said that meant I MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.

Students are so amazing!

Bottom line~this is how we work on deeper thinking with out students.  There isn't a fill in the blank or multiple choice question in sight because they only look at the bottom level of understanding.  This type of working with students promotes the thinking skills we use in every day life.  

Happy day!! 


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