Friday, January 24, 2014

Amelia Earhart ~ National Geographic Reader ~ Grades 2 & 3

We are studying Amelia Earhart next week in third grade.  The anchor text that we are pulling from is Amelia Earhart National Geographic Reader.  Our additional instructional texts are Amelia and Eleanor and How People Learned to Fly.  

Students will be learning about text features as well as the main idea and details.  To "cement" their learning, small groups will use chart paper to outline their ideas.    Below is the teacher modeling chart that our team will present on Monday.  It includes a section on annotating text headings, group thoughts and a main idea table to outline the topic and supporting details.

One of the graphic organizers for students to use is below. 

I am super excited about the integrated grammar which is focusing on adverbs.  Shades of meaning includes all of the words for flying.  They will be creating a clothesline timeline and writing to compare the 1920's and 1930's to today.  Special focus in on including at least 3 conjunctions in their paragraphs.

Students will be constructing paper airplanes, measuring their distance over 5 trials and creating  graphs.

This type of integrated, focused literacy targets the Common Core State Standards, yet engages students to think deeper because all of the ideas connect and are not taught in isolation.  This is just best practices and I am so thrilled with our team!

If you are interested in the complete unit, click the link below for Teachers Pay Teachers.
Happy Reading!


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