Sunday, December 15, 2013

WIN ~ What I Need Interactive Journals

Our elementary school has WIN (What I Need) groups for thirty minutes daily where each student receives literacy instruction at his or her own level in small or larger groups depending on their needs.  These groups run 6 weeks with the seventh week set aside for teachers to look at data, student progress and regroup through progress and like target areas of need.

Teachers just started their second WIN group cycles.  As the district Reading Specialist, I help coordinate groups.  Teachers focus on three areas in each lesson:  Word study, Sight words or vocabulary and a graphic organizer with a writing extension.  This looks different at every grade level.  Lessons may take one or two days depending on the level of complexity.

In addition, all teachers incorporate interactive journals with text-dependent questions and many are starting to annotate within their groups.

Below is a first grade activity that I help coordinate weekly.  Students are reading about Seeing-eye dogs/Guide dogs.  These students are very strong readers.  They write a new and/or interesting vocabulary word down on a Post-it note and share daily.  In addition, students pull one fact that they found important to the text and write it down.  During group share, students discuss how their facts relate to their understanding of text.

The addition of writing to "cement" ideas is crucial.  The time to process ideas in writing is the final component to comprehension.

The Interactive Notebook below is one of my favorites as the content is applicable for all grades, 1-4.


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