Saturday, December 28, 2013

Movie ~ Walking With Dinosaurs ~ Theme Connections

I took our youngest son to Walking With the Dinosaurs today.  Our teenager tagged along as well.  This was a wonderful movie filled with strong themes.  It is a story about a baby dinosaur who grows up with many hurdles, falls in love, rallies his herd to become a community and leads his herd to safety.

After watching the movie, on the way home I asked my boys what the theme or central message was in the movie ~ You just can't get away from a Mom who is a Reading Specialist!  Here is what they responded:

1.  Perseverance (Big kid)
2.  The biggest person doesn't always win. (Little kid)
3.  Never give up! (Big kid)
4.  A group of people is always stronger than being
     alone. (Big kid)
5.  Teamwork! (Little kid)
6.  If you love somebody, stick with them. (Mom)

Sometimes the most meaningful conversations occur when you least expect them.

I love my boys!


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