Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Capitalization Rules & First Grade

First grade teachers in our building decided to introduce capitalization rules when they started their three week unit about dinosaurs this fall. They started with an anchor chart outlining all of the capitalization rules.  

This was the perfect opportunity to introduce that special names (Proper Nouns) receive capital letters such as the specific names of all different dinosaurs!  Teachers in each classroom created class lists of dinosaurs and introduced the editing mark for capitalization at the same time.

These fabulous teachers have been adding capitalization rules over the past several weeks and making their anchor charts interactive through gluing examples when referencing their charts.  

This is a wonderful, ongoing introduction and review of capitalization rules that really "cements" learning in our young students while keeping learning engaging!

*Inspiration* for their anchor chart can be found at Zeke's Zoo blogspot,  This is a really cute blog!


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