Monday, December 9, 2013

Annotating at the Elementary Level

Today teachers of K-4 met to discuss close reading, text structure and annotating.  After our workshop and discussion of key annotation, teachers worked in small groups to work through how they would lead annotating in their classrooms.

The first chart is an annotation of The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming.   It was powerful to watch these amazing teachers discover the teaching text structure, vocabulary and the big questions to guide instruction with this book.  You can clearly see that numbers were underlined.  This is a sequence book using ordinal numbers, therefore, the text structure of sequencing was identified.  Each noun had a descriptor such as "10 salty peanuts."  The vocabulary category of Adjectives was identified.  Finally, teachers focused on inferencing with, "What do you infer the boy is building?"

This was so much fun!  

Teachers in third and fourth grades focused on Thundercake by Patricia Polacco.  They focused on inferencing using the illustrations and text from the story.  Inferences included evidence that it was cold outside and what the cake would look like when it was finished.  In addition, the text structure of sequencing was identified.  Finally, the concept of grouping words for comprehension was discussed through the words mixing and mixing bowl.  Mixing is a verb showing action, but a mixing bowl is a noun.  Good stuff is happening with these teachers!

Happy Reading! 


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