Friday, December 13, 2013

Addy Adjective ~ Developmentally Appropriate Annotating ~ Amazing!

Addy Adjective is a continuation of Nicky Noun and Vicky Verb.  Our first grade teachers have introduced nouns and verbs through interactive props with a boy on a Popsicle stick that represents Nouns and a girl on a Popsicle stick that represents verbs.  The teachers and students identify words from stories that are read in class and students hold the correct prop up to demonstrate their knowledge.

Addy Adjective is a new prop shown on the anchor chart below. Students have now created a third prop to hold up when they identify describing words identifying a color, size, how something feels, how something sounds, behaves or looks and to describe how many.

For individual accountability, teachers have had students identify Adjectives in their individual reading, write the word on a Post-it note and draw an illustration for class discussion.

Class  discussion celebrates student knowledge.  This is an ongoing, interactive activity that really "cement" student learning.  Best practices in action!


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