Sunday, September 15, 2013

We "R" off to a great start this year!

Walking around school at the beginning of the year at school is like waiting to open your birthday presents!  Last week was the first full week at school and the kids were filled with excitement and eagerness.

To capitalize on that eagerness and "hook" students that school is cool, our first grade teachers focused on turning their students into pirates while they targeted the foundational literacy skill of consonants and vowels.

Students read Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel and Twenty-Six Pirates by Dave Horowitz.  Shiver Me Letters focused on a pirate word for every letter of the alphabet building a strong vocabulary and alphabet knowledge.  Twenty-Six Pirates was a rollicking pirate book with rhyming pirate names.  

Students made pirate hats and eye patches and had their pictures taken.  I  received a visit from a few hearties who were came by to say, "Yo!  Ho!  Ho!" and showed me that they knew their vowels!  

Students wrote stories about why pirates wear eye patches, which resulted in some very creative ideas. Teachers borrowed Notes from Miss Dennis' pirate hand print craft to tie in with kids' writing.  Art "cements" learning and these are delightful projects!

 Original craft here:

I have included a few of their samples below.  These "mateys" are off to a great start this year!  

Super cute pirates on a ship display!  

Here are the links for purchasing these books through Amazon:


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