Sunday, July 7, 2013

Comprehension at the Core ~ Article by Harvey & Goudvis

The past two months have been a little bit crazy for me!  I started a new job as a reading specialist, started teaching two new graduate courses and am taking two graduate courses just to keep me excessively busy...

Last week, I worked with an amazing group of teachers!  One of the articles that we read was published by the International Reading Association in The Reading Teacher, my favorite source for reading research! (Volume 66Issue 6pages 432–439March 2013) This article was titled, Comprehension at the Core by Stephanie Harvey and Ann Goudvis.  I highly recommend adding this article to your Professional Learning Community discussions.

Teachers made graphic organizers (anchor charts) of the "big ideas" in Comprehension at the Core and they synthesized the ideas so well, I had to post a few!  I was thrilled that this article so thoroughly emphasized that reading is meaning making-forming ideas, evaluating and confirming or rejecting ideas based on evidence creating a cycle of actively self-monitoring our comprehension. This was a learning community at its best!

Adding on from my second group of fabulous teachers: