Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes~Early Literacy

Sometimes a cheery book that tells you everything is going to be okay is JUST what a person needs to read!  A Good Day by Kevin Henkes talks about how little yellow bird, little white dog, little orange fox and little brown squirrel start their days with with something "bad" happening.  Half-way through this book, there is a page that says, "But then..." The rest of the book simply tells how each of the characters has something good happen that wipes away the bad.  Example:
 "Little white dog got her leash all tangled up in the fence."  Later... "Little white dog worked herself free and ran in circles through the dandelions."
A Good Day is perfect in its simplicity and message.  Good things happen at any time.

In addition, the early literacy activities that can be extended with A Good Day are amazing!

Here are some quick activities that I wrote down after reading this book today.  It is obvious that I have a little spring fever and need COLOR in my life...

Nature walk:  Print off the nature walk form and put on clipboards for each student in your classroom.  Kids should draw three things they see in nature-things that grow, hop, skip, fly or move in any way. You can find my nature walk freebie {here}.  When you return to class, kids should color their pictures.  Write down the names of each item, cut and sort by color.


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