Sunday, March 24, 2013

Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton~Lexile 480

Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton is quite possibly my favorite Splat book by far!  


Summary from the book:
"Splat the Cat notices that something isn't quite right in his house.  First the toy ducks his father makes start to go missing.  Then they are mysteriously returned but, strangely enough, without their beaks!  Who could possibly be  causing all of this trouble?  To solve the mystery, Splat musters up his courage and rises to the challenge as Secret Agent Splat."
The story is beautifully written.  The illustrations are adorable and the ending is ultimately about friendship and inviting someone new to join in.  This is a great message and a fabulous book!

Watch the book trailer here.
To purchase this book, click {Secret Agent Splat! (Splat the Cat)}


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