Monday, March 11, 2013

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell~Early Literacy~Lexile 500

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell is wonderful book for young children focusing on the concept that Mom or Dad might leave for awhile, but will always return.  The illustrations are engaging and draw the reader into the story.  The use of repetitive text focusing on the three baby owls and how they feel is sure to validate the feelings of all kids listening to this story.  This is a must buy for all Early Literacy teachers.

I chose to focus on the rhyme family of long e at the end of a word.  This is an early reading pattern/concept as children learn the first word patterns of see, he, me, we, and she much earlier than short e vowel words.  In fact, I recommend teaching short a, long e words, short o, short i, short u and then short e as it is the hardest sound to auditorially discriminate.

Students were directed to count the number of owls on the front of the book.  I placed an owl with the number three written on it in my pocket chart.  We generated a list of words that rhyme with three:  bee, ski, tea, free, see.  Next, I placed a strip of brown construction paper in one of the pockets and we placed rhyming "owls on a branch" on the paper.  Students were given a piece of brown construction paper and a set of rhyming owls to glue on their own branches to reinforce this activity.  Finally, kids were placed in partners to "read" the owls to each other.  

I left a set of owls, a "branch" out for kids to play with.  See picture below.

Click for the FREE activity below.

I found this simple, cute rhyme counting to three from You Tube.

To purchase this book through, simply click the title. Owl Babies: Candlewick Storybook Animations
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