Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Went Walking by Sue Williams~Early Literacy

There are many wonderful activities on teacher blogs for I Went Walking by Sue Williams, but I couldn't help but create two more for this book.
I Went Walking is such a delightful, simple book incorporating repetition of phrases, colors, rhymes and engaging illustrations.  It is perfect for an early literacy Reader's Theater and beginning sight words.
I think Reader's Theater is a little boring without props, so I had kids hold the above props and follow each other as their parts were read.  

There are two ways you can perform this Reader's Theater.  The first version is where the lead reader holds the magnifying glass and says, "I went walking."  The animal characters ask, "What did you see?"

The second way is having the lead reader  say, "I went walking," and have students in the class who do not have animal props say, "What did you see?" as they wear cool glasses while participating.  The first way, your Reader's Theater is a small group.  The second version can include your entire class!
This dice game is perfect for working with the long vowel e at the end of a word pattern and beginning sight words.  Kids get to roll (throw) a large die.  Color one die to match the number and then read the word to a partner or small group.  Continue rolling until all dice are colored in.  This activity could be conducted in small groups, with partners or as a differentiated small group activity with an adult.  I love the versatility of this and I will be making more of these games.  

If you would like the free master for this activity, click {here}.

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I Went Walking (Live Oak Readalongs)

Happy reading!


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