Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Concepts of Print-Capital Cat and Punctuation Pup

I introduce Capital Cat and Punctuation Pup after students become fluent with their understanding of the difference between words and spaces.  The next step is to introduce that a group of words make a sentence.  Each sentence paints a picture in our mind of a story.  Capital Cat and Punctuation Pup help students find a complete sentence to review for conventions and comprehension.  

In addition, these props help with the Common Core State Standards of following words from left to right and top to bottom of a page.

Capital Cat finds the capital letters in a sentence or page of a book.  This is an easy way to review capitalization rules without drill-and-practice and worksheets which are icky and NOT developmentally appropriate.

Punctuation Pup finds the punctuation in a sentence or page of a book. This introduces students to the concept of a period, exclamation mark and question mark.  Commas and quotation marks are also drawn attention to. 

I use Capital Cat and Punctuation Pup whole group on large pointers for modeling of rules and expression with ending punctuation.  I also shrink the pointers, like I did with Willie the word finder and Spencer the spacer.  This allows students to have individual sets to manipulate during Guided Reading, partner reading or "read to self" time in the classroom.

Clip-art is on the master below.


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