Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson~Lexile 280

Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson is a beautiful book filled with rhythm and rhyme for Prekindergarten through second grade students.  This book is lovely in its simplicity:  Bear sleeps while his friends have a party around him.  He wakes up and is disappointed because he missed all of the fun! Bear joins the party and stays awake as his friends all fall asleep. 

Two activities that I have used with Bear Snores on focus on sentence segmentation and the initial sound of Bb.

When a book has a repetetive line or phrase, I take the opportunity to write that sentence or group of sentences on strips.  For Bear Snores On, I typed the words, "But the bear snores on," using Elkonin boxes and placed them separately on my pocket chart.  Students were directed to put one bear under each word and count the number of words in the sentence.  Then we went back and read each word together.  This is another easy way to teach the concepts of a word and a sentence while incorporating one-to-one correspondence and counting.
The second is a variation of the Sound Muncher  song found at Marcia's Lesson Links.  I changed the "sound muncher" to the "bear muncher" when singing the song.  

 I am currently obsessed with "feeding" a graphic in a bag or garbage can to make an activity interactive for kids so I made a bear face which I affixed to the front of a bag.  The mouth was cut out and kids could feed the bear words that started with Bb.  Incorporating more alliteration into the activity, we said, "Billy bear bites___________," as we fed the bear.  This was a FUN activity! 

My two favorite places to find initial word cards already made that I can cut out and glue to construction paper are Adventures in Speech Pathology and Heather's Speech Therapy.  I say this ALL of the time when I teach my graduate classes, "Make friends with your Speech and Language Therapists!!"

The 3 Dinosaurs blog has neat early literacy packets and great clip-art for this book.  Check it out!

If you would like to purchase this book through, please click the title. Bear Snores on 


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