Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris Lexile Approximately 900

A Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris was my first Zombie book and I really enjoyed reading it.  Carrie Harris' website has the coolest lead-in line.  It says, 

"Someone's been a very bad zombie."
Who wouldn't want to read this book based on that line alone? Her site goes on to introduce the book as follows: 
"Super-smartie Katie Grable gets to play doctor, helping out her high school football team.  Not only will the experiences look good on her college apps, she gets to be close to her quarterback crush, Aaron.  Then something disturbing happens.  Katie finds out that the coach has given the team steroids.  Except the vials she finds don't contain steroids.  Whatever's in them is turning hot gridiron hunks into mindless, flesh-eating...zombies.  Unless she finds an antidote, no one is safe.  Not Aaron, not Kate's brother, not her best friend...not even Kate...It's scary.  It's twisted.  It's sick.  it's high school."

When I looked at this book for the first time I thought it would be full of romance due to the lips being the biggest image, but the cover on this book didn't relate to this book very well. I did wonder what the crystals were on her lips, though.

As I started reading on the book started talking about Zombies and medicine! So, if I had to create a book jacket I would probably involve something with zombies. The downloaded image has a zombie on it, which I think matches much better.

Read the first paragraph. What made you want to read on?
The first paragraph starts by the coach talking to a kid telling her to say something inspirational. It sounded like it could be really good because I didn’t know what the coach was yelling about. By reading on, it talked a lot about football and medicine and gradually started leading up to Zombies! The football coach gave the boys pills that turned them into zombies. Yikes!

Tara’s Thoughts:
I completely loved this book! I have never read a Zombie book before, but after some of the action happened, I wanted to read on and on and on. I would recommend this book for grades 5 and up. It was an easy to read book and only had 200 pages, but I enjoy every second of it.

I highly recommend this book!

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Bad Taste in Boys


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