Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love, Splat by Rob Scotton~Early Literacy

ALL of the Splat the Cat books are dear to my heart...
Love, Splat tells the tale of Splat, who has a huge crush on Kitten, and how he makes her the perfect Valentine.  Splat gets intimidated by Spike and doesn't give Kitten her Valentine.  In the end, Kitten finds his Valentine and gives Splat her special Valentine that shows Splat that she feels exactly the same way about him. 

 Kids of all ages understand the feelings that Splat experiences as they read this delightful story!
I have worked with several levels of readers this week using this book. 
Early readers have worked on the -at family pattern. We used a large piece of red paper and folded it into 12 squares.  Kids glued one -at word in each square and practiced reading their words in partners. 
-at cards to download:

Beginning readers have worked on sequencing the main ideas in the story.  

For sequencing, we worked on reading each sentence and deciding if it belonged at the beginning, middle or end of the story.  We then placed strips in order as we read them.  Students made a simple stapled flip book from these sentences.  
Sequence cards to download:

I was very pleased with both projects!

To order a copy through Amazon.com, please click the title. Love, Splat (Splat the Cat) 


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