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The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts: Dumped by Popular Demand by P.G. Kain Lexile 880

This is the second book we have reviewed by P. G. Kain.  I like how P.G. incorporates the perfect amount of tweenage/teenage drama, discovery and positive life skills into his books.

Reviewed by tween Taylor R.:
Summary from the book cover:
Dorie Dilts has just moved from California to New Jersey.  For most kids this would be horrendous, but for Dorie it's the chance to conduct the most important research of her young life.  She is determined to pour all of her scientific knowledge into an experiment that will, once and for all, make her popular!
Dorie's first discovery is easy enough.  She determines that the Holly Trinity-led by class president Holly McAdams-is the hottest clique.  The one thing the three girls have in common?  They all dated and got dumped by Grant Bradish, the cutest and most obnoxious boy in school.  Getting dumped is one thing, but even IF Dorie finds a way to get Grant to go out with her, will she want to date a total jerk? 

To give you a little Dorie Dilts flavor, here is the first paragraph of chapter 1:
I firmly believe that one day the world will understand the unspoken cruelty of alphabetized seating charts.  In Spanish class I sat next to Amanda Donohue (my last name is Dilts) for an entire year.  Amanda was one of the most popular girls at Rancho Viejo Middle School.  Each year her birthday was practically a national holiday.  Her locker was decorated with such ferocious planning that Martha Stewart would have felt inept.  At lunch the entire cafeteria serenaded her with a jazzy version of "Happy Birthday."  Now, when I say the entire cafeteria, I mean the ENTIRE CAFETERIA.  My God, the lunch ladies in hairnets probably sang the loudest.  But Amanda wasn't the only girl who got the red  carpet for her birthday.  Julie Tavner and Annie Dowd were treated the same way on their birthdays.  As a point of comparison, the only person outside of my family who acknowledged my birthday was my orthodontist, who routinely sent me a Snoopy card with his best wishes and a not-so-subtle reminder to schedule a checkup.
Taylor's question cards were different than the cards Tara and Trent use.  They choose from Richard Peck's questions to discuss a book.  Taylor was given story structure cards to use when responding to her story and she did an AMAZING JOB with them!                                      
List the most important series of events from your book.
Dorie listed her objectives to be popular in a lab report format with her objectives, methods and conclusions.  It was an interesting way to show that she was a smart girl very interested in Science with a wonderful perspective on life.  
  1. Dorie made her first moves to be popular.
  2. She wanted to be popular so she looked for her "target audience."
  3.  Dorie found her research and put her plan into action.
  4. Holly and her popular friends were made contact with.   
  5.  Grant came into Dories's life.  They started "hanging around" each other.  Grant had previously dated and dumped the popular girl group including Holly.
  6. Dorie made friends with Dixie or Dix, a guy she has a lot in common with and enjoyed spending time with. 
  7. Dorie's plan to make friends with the "cool girls," date Grant and get dumped by him to fit in backfired as Dorie and Grant had a fight about the "cool girls" being just "mean girls." Dorie realized that she liked Grant for Grant and didn't want to be dumped like the other girls.  Grant found her written plan for fitting in...
  8. Dorie discovered WHY Grant acted the way he did in school.
  9. Dorie stood up to the Holly Trinity at the dance-ROCK ON!
  10. At the dance, Dorie realized that she has found a true friend in Dix.  *Awesome!*
  11. Dorie and Grant had a very cool episode at Grant's brother's wedding which you will have to read the story to find out about.  *HEA!*
Name three facts, goals or truths that you discovered from reading this book.
  1. Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin.
  2. Don't give up something you love.
  3. ALWAYS hang around the ones you know you can trust and who you love.
List any cause and effects in this book.
Cause:  Dorie wanted to be popular.  Effect:  She did not turn out popular like the Holly Trinity.
Cause:  Dorie met Grant.  Effect:  She found out she liked him.
Cause:  Dorie met Dix.  Effect:  They made great friends.
Cause:  Be yourself.  Effect:  Everything works out the way it is supposed to.
Theresa's Thoughts:  This book was wonderful and a perfect tween read.  The science quotes at the beginning of the chapters were a nice touch.  I enjoyed the science vocabulary incorporated into the book and the theme of "BE YOURSELF!"

                                                                        P.G. Kain's website is:  Check it out!

If you would like to order a copy of this book, simply click the title.  Thank you! The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts: Dumped by Popular Demand 

Release Date: 2007
Age Range: 9 and up
ISBN:  978-1416935193
Genre:  Fiction
Topic:  Growing, Friendship, Popularity, Fitting in, Being yourself