Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg

Thesaurus Rex is the PERFECT book to introduce kids to synonyms and their strength.  It is written with engaging rhythm and rhyme with colorful illustrations that will surely draw younger children to the story!


 Thesaurus Rex is a little dinosaur who happily spends his days finding different adventures.  For each adventure, the author writes several synonyms for how Rex handles his mischievous situations.  The illustrator, Debbie Harter, did a fantastic job illustrating each synonym to show the strength of the word.

Thesaurus Rex starts to slip: slither, skid, slide and glide.  Whee!  What a speedy ride! 
 For those parents and teachers who are working on expanding vocabulary of their children/students, this book is a MUST ADD to your collection!                                                                            
Here is the link to Barefoot Books.  It is a new company for me, so I made sure to "follow" it on Twitter.

Release Date:  2003
Age Range:  Early Elementary
ISBN:  1-84148-180-7
Genre:  Fiction
Topic:  Expanding Vocabulary


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