Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous by Leslea Newman Lexile 530

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous is a "Fabulous" gem of a book for intermediate students.  Roger is an energetic, easily distracted boy who thinks everything in the world is absolutely fabulous.  In fact, he ALWAYS uses the word fabulous.  

What a fabulous man in a fabulous hat.  What a fabulous tie, or perhaps a cravat?  What a fabulous boot, what a fabulous shoe.  What a fabulous suit made of fabulous blue.  What a fabulous dog, what a fabulous cat.  What a fabulous this, what a fabulous that.  What a fabulous boy, what a fabulous girl.  What a fabulous day, what a fabulous world!

The author  clearly overuses the word fabulous which lends itself perfectly to expanding vocabulary and finding synonyms for that very tired word. Roger finds himself in trouble with his parents for wandering and being late for everything including school.  They decided that Roger needed to stop saying fabulous and gawking at everything around town; therefore, they told him that fabulous was now the one word they DID NOT want to hear.  Instead of sulking, Roger found different ways to say the same word:
What a wonderful bridge, what a beautiful boat.  What an elegant queen on a dazzling float.  What a glorious band, what a magical song.  What a splendid march, may we come along?
Rogers parents decided to enjoy Roger with all of his fabulous qualities ending with an affirmation of their love for him.                                                                    
This is another amazing book for discussing word choice, synonyms and expanding vocabulary for children/students grades 3-5.  
Release Date:  2004
Age Range:  I recommend 2nd through 5th grades.
ISBN:  978-1-58246-224-0
Genre:  Fiction
Topic:  Individuality, Expanding Vocabulary


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