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Stork by Wendy Delsol Lexile 830

Book Jacket Summary:

Moving from LA to nowhere Minnesota, sixteen-year-old Katla Leblanc expected the local fashion scene to be frozen in time.  What she didn't expect was induction into the Icelandic Stork Society, an ancient order of women charged with a unique mystical duty.  Not only is Katla the youngest member, but Hulda, the society's omen-guided leader, immediately bestows the coveted Second Chair on her-a decision that ruffles a few feathers.
As if that weren't enough, Katla also has to deal with her parents' divorce and the social aftermath of a bad date with popular but creepy Wade.  Katla, however, isn't one to sit on her designer-jean-clad behind, and soon she's assigned the fashion column for the school paper and making new friends. 
Things would be looking up if it weren't for editor in chief Jack.  Even though they argue every time they meet, Katla is inexplicably drawn to him.  Juggling her home life, school and Stork duties, will Katla be able to unravel the mystery surrounding Jack?  More importantly, will she find a dress in time for Homecoming?   
Theresa's Thoughts:
The cover of this book was so beautiful, it compelled me to read it. This is the first book in a series centering around Katla Leblanc. Stork is mostly a fictional story with a unique magical twist that adds just the right touch of fantasy.  The Scandinavian folklore interwoven with this book was fresh and interesting.  The Scandinavian words were a little tongue-twistery, which I enjoyed.  Katla's induction into the Icelandic Stork Society with a bunch of old, slightly crazy ladies occurred in the beginning of the story.  I thought it was quirky and fun.  The folklore was very engaging for me throughout my reading of Stork.

Stork followed Katla's experience of moving to a new High School (Norse Falls High School in Minnesota), mistakes that she made resulting in being embarrassed in front of everyone the first day of school at lunch and how she made a solid peer group, a nice boyfriend and dealt with the villain of this story, Wade.  In the middle of this process, Katla learned how to use her new ability as the second-in-command of the Icelandic Stork Society.  The abilities of Stork members were slowly revealed throughout the story.  I especially delighted in reading about the birds which I have to be vague about because I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Katla's emotional reaction and healing process regarding her parents' divorce was true to life as well as her response to her Mom moving on and finding a solid relationship with a new person.  Katla's teen hopes, dreams and worries were, again, realistic and identifiable for most teenage girls.  I enjoyed reading the developing friendship/love interest with Jake.  It demonstrated a relationship where two people slowly learned about each other.

That said, both Wade and Jake had secrets of their own that would be revealed to Katla.  I found both secrets entertaining and surprising.  The heart-stopping action at the end of the story with Wade's Homecoming party was superbly written and had me hooked until the last words.  In fact, I have Frost, the second book in this series, in front of me right now so I can find out what happens next.  

This was a very well-written story! I recommend it for teens.
To order a copy of this book through, please click the title.  Stork (Stork Trilogy) 
Release Date: 2010
Age Rage:  12 and up
ISBN:  978-0763648442
Genre:  Fiction, Fantasy
Topic:  Moving, High School, Friends, Relationships, Finding your niche


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