Monday, May 7, 2012

Fractured Fables Edited by Jim Valentino & Kristen K. Simon, Ages 12 and up, Lexile around 900

I seriously thought I had had enough of "fractured" anything, but we picked this Comic Book Style of Fractured Fables because our little guy, Gavin, insisted on it.  He is very drawn to this style of writing.

Fractured Fables is a collection of 30 stories written by 30 different authors with 30 unique, crazy, off-the-wall, interesting styles of thinking.  I read several of these out loud to Gavin who did not understand the off-beat humor, but still enjoyed the stories.  That said, Trent hung over my shoulder and we both laughed loud and long at everything I read aloud.  Later, when I put Gavin to bed, Trent was curled-up in the chair reading the rest of Fractured Fables rocking, giggling, laughing and repeating lines out loud.

Theresa's Thoughts:
This was just plain fun to read.  My favorite was probably Rumplestiltskin by Doug Tenapel.  The main character who spins the gold is so lacking in intelligence that she drives Rumplestiltskin crazy to the point that he told her his name and ripped himself in half; I did say these were off-beat stories!  I will never look at the name Sam the same way again.

Fractured Fables lends itself well to the concept of voice.  I found myself reading aloud with many different voices and styles depending on the story.  Kids who have a great grasp of fairy tales and fables will understand the nuances of the changes in language and story lines in this collection.  
Loved it!

Release Date:  2011
Age Range:  12-17 years (I put it at an approximate 900 Lexile.)
ISBN:  978-1607062691
Genre:  Fairy Tales and Fables
Topic:  Fairy Tales and Fables, Voice


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