Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Little Chick by John Lawrence

I just received my copy of This Little Chick illustrated by John Lawrence and it is delightful! This Early Literacy book promotes rhythm and rhyme and can be sung to the tune of Five Little Chicks. I embrace any book that integrates singing, which is brain-based learning at its best!  The simple bold pictures in This Little Chick were created through engravings and will easily draw the attention of young children.

This Little Chick is a perfect book to introduce rhyming.  This book follows the long a sound at the end of a word in the -ay pattern.  Jack Hartmann, one of my favorite children's musicians, has a CD where he explains that rhyming words have "different sounds as they begin and sound the same at the end."  That is the phrasing I use when discussing rhyming with children.

The simple rhyme text in this book follows:
"This little chick from over the way
went to play with the pigs one day.
And what do you think they heard him say?"

Kids could stamp, clap and tap every time they hear these rhyming words as they sing along.

Those who have taken my courses know that I am a true believer that anything on a Popsicle stick is more fun.  I have created the attached graphic for students to cut out, place on a stick and lift in the air every time they say the rhyming words in this book:  way, play, day and say. 

Grab this book and your singing voices.  This is sure to be a classroom treasure!

Update 3/18/2013:  Great link to integrated math activity at PreK and Sharing from Deb Chitwood!


Jack Hartman's CD:  Shake, Rattle and Read 


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