Friday, April 6, 2012

Punished by David Lubar Lexile 510

I am always on the look-out to find amazing books for kids that hilight and integrate fabulous figurative language concepts.  David Lubar's book, Punished, is one of my all-time favorites!  This is an easy, great read that  seamlessly introduces kids to puns, oxymorons, palindromes and anagrams.  This book is loads of fun!        

Logan and Benedict, best friends, raced through the library resulting in Logan crashing into an older man, Mr. Wordsworth.  Logan apologized.  Mr. Wordsworth replied, "Words aren't always enough."  Ominous sounding, he continues to tell Logan that he needed to be punished.

Page 15 gives us a wonderful tease to read on.                                           
"Yes. Punished.  I suspect it would do you some good."  He raise the book he was holding and blew on it.  A puff of dust swirled through the air.  I closed my eyes as the dust tickled my face.  "Hey, cut it out!" I wiped my face with my sleeve and then opened my eyes.  He was gone.

From that point forward, Logan speaks in puns, which are groan out-load "punny!"  Logan eventually  finds Mr. Wordsworth for an explanation.  Mr. Wordsworth tells Logan that he can remove the punishment himself by finding seven oxymorons, anagrams, and palindromes or he will speak in puns forever....

You will enjoy this delightful book!

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You can find educational opportunities in the most unusual places.  Tweens and teen will make a connection with the annoying orange.  This one is Trent's favorite!

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