Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Perfect Square by Michael Hall is one of my FAVORITE books because it emphasizes individuality, creativity and the strength in our differences.  It starts with a perfect square that quickly gets turned into something else making it no longer perfect.  Instead of being upset, the square embraces its new form and chooses to celebrate it! Throughout the book, the square changes into different shapes and adventures.  It soon realizes that it no longer likes the confinement of being perfect; instead, it it is joyful at its differences. Perfect Square is an amazingly uplifting book!

You HAVE to watch the video!!!

Here is a simple activity that Administrators can use for a fresh inservice day or for teachers to complete with their students:
Note:  Provide hole punches, scissors, glue, and glitter

  • As teachers/students walk in the door, give them a 4 x 4 inch red square and a 5 x 5 inch black square.  
  • Direct teachers/students to cut the square up and make a creation from it, gluing the creation on the black paper.
  • Read the book.
  • For Administrators:  Discuss how none of our students are a perfect square.  Each student is an individual with different interests, hobbies, personalities and achievement levels.  We need to embrace those differences and remember to facilitate learning through those strengths, through differentiating our curriculum to meet each individual child.  
  • For Teachers:  Discuss how we are perfect just the way we are with our interests, likes/dislikes and learning styles.  We celebrate these differences!
  • Distribute the following label to put on the front of the picture.  Give teachers a magnetic strip to place on the back to keep displayed as a reminder that we are all perfect in our individuality.  For students, you have a beautiful bulletin board celebrating each child!
The following labels are printed on Avery 5160.

Release Date:  2011
Age Group:  All
ISBN:  978-0061915130
Genre:  Fiction
Topics:  Individuality, Shapes, Days of the Week


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