Tuesday, April 17, 2012

H.I.V.E.-Dreadnought by Mark Walden Lexile 1000

H.I.V.E.-Dreadnought was another fantastic addition to the H.I.V.E. (Higher Institute for Villainous Education) series!  This installment introduced the Disciples, which is a new organization that is trying to take over the world...

Trent's Points:
  • Jason Drake made a giant command ship for himself and Number One, but the new ruler of G.L.O.V.E., Nero, took over the command ship, Dreadnought.  
  • Jason left G.L.O.V.E. and joined the Disciples, got mad and captured everybody on the Dreadnought and took it over by force. 
  •  The Disciples were trying to take over the world along with the Overlord who takes over bodies.  When the bodies die, he transfers to a new body.
  • There was a facility where the military tested atomic bombs and where Drake had his underground hide-out.  That was where Otto's friends were captured. Otto and Wing had to fight to get them out. 
  •  Drake set a bomb that blew-up the facility. 
  •  Raven made her way aboard the Dreadnought with her swords that cut through just about anything, including titanium. (Way cool!)
  • Jason Drake's partner, Furan, shot Jason thinking he was dumb and not a good example of the Disciples.  Furan became the commander of the Dreadnought working with the Overlord.
  •  Otto helped Darkdoom, the former ruler of G.L.O.V.E., destroy the Dreadnought. There is so much more to tell, but you will have to read and find out.
Trent's review chosen from Peck's questions to ask about a novel.

How does this book connect to another book that you have read?
In this book there is a lot of similarity with another book I read called H.A.L.O. by Eric Nylund.  The similarity is the action in the books. In H.A.L.O. the people are against aliens called the Covenant. In this book there are Otto and his friends fighting a former G.L.O.V.E. member named Drake.

If you to film this story and could not use all of the characters, which character(s) would you eliminate and why?
If I were to make a film I would eliminate Chief Lewis and Number One’s name.  I would eliminate Chief Lewis because he doesn’t do anything but say, “Security go take them prisoner,” and “Security go take them to the brig.” Do you see where I’m going with him? I would change Number One’s name because it’s lame.  I would call him Trey.  I don’t know why, but Trey is such a cool name to me.

If you had to design a new cover for the book what would it look like?
I would have it look like the dreadnought which is a giant command ship. It would include a picture of Otto by the Dreadnought.

This book is COOL!


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