Wednesday, March 28, 2012

H.I.V.E.-Escape Velocity by Mark Walden Lexile 990

The book trailers by Mark Walden are perfect for tween and teen readers. Check out the You Tube book trailer below for H.I.V.E.~Escape Velocity!

Here is a brief synopsis from the book jacket:
"The Higher Institute of Villainous Education is in grave danger.  Dr. Nero, its leader, has been captured by the world's most ruthless security force.  It's up to Otto to save him, but first he must escape Nero's sinister replacement and H.I.V.E. itself.  Then Otto faces the ultimate challenge-to  break into M16-something no villain has ever succeeded in doing." 
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Trent and Tara pick 3 of  Richard Peck's discussion cards for tweens and teens when reviewing their books.  Here are Trent's responses:

1. Why is the story set where it is?
I believe that this story is set at this setting because it is a syfy book. The setting is at this facility in the middle of the ocean and is an island that is a school to teaches teenagers to be the worst that they can be. This setting is where it is because, in my mind, I believe that nobody would look for a school on a island that has a volcano on it. (By the way the school is inside the volcano. If you want to know more I would recommend reading the first books in the series. Even if you are older this book is great for all ages. These books are about villains.)

2. Reread the first paragraph of chapter 1. What’s in it that make you want to read more?
The first paragraph of the book makes me intrigued because it says, “It was early morning in London and while the other pedestrians bumped and jostled with each other, this man and women seemed to emit an invisible aura that kept the crowds from getting too close.” This really popped out to me and I had so many questions before I kept reading on. Some of the questions were...Who are these people? Why are people avoiding them?

3. How is the main character different than you?
The main character, Otto, is so far different from me. He has white hair and I have blonde. The really big difference is that Otto can go into his mind and control mechanical devices such as computers. I call it T.P.C. which stands for telepathically paranormal control.


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